Thursday, 19 March 2015

Life Coaching and You

A life coach has a big tool box filled with tools that get their beginnings in many different fields of expertise. For instance, they can be from psychology, mentoring, career counselling, and sociology. Nonetheless, the focus of a life coach, in Ottawa and Gatineau, is to aid their clients in identifying the roadblocks that are keeping them from achieving their goals.

The road blocks can come in many forms, such as confidence, fear, poor planning, or a lack of understanding about how to create goals that are specific, and measurable. An example is the common news years eve goal of going on a diet. People will say that they are going to do this. However, the reason so many fail is because they do not specifically spell out how they are going to begin this diet, nor do they set a side goal of how much weight they plan or want to lose, thus making it measurable.

Accordingly, this is something that shoots a lot of us in the foot here in Ottawa and Gatineau, so to speak, when it comes to setting goals. Other aspects that a life coach will help with are to help you understand how to decide if your goals are realistic and therefore attainable in addition to being time bound. Let us revisit the goal of going on a diet.

If this is a goal, ask yourself the following questions,

How much weight do I want to lose?
How will I measure my progress?
How fast or rather how long should this take?
Is this a realistic time frame?
Finally, is my intent focused on doing this?

These same questions pertain to every kind of goal a person living in Ottawa or Gatineau can or will ever set. This is what a life coach can and will help their clients figure out along with asking the questions that focus on determining and identifying what situations need to change and what is stopping them from changing. Is it your own thoughts, is it other people in your life. A life coach focuses further on teaching a person that they are the only ones that have the power to find happiness.

While making goals is something that all people are fully capable of doing, not everyone understands that nothing will happen without the intent to do whatever it takes to bring their goals to fruition. This is where having a life coach in Gatineau or Ottawa can help by helping you find the strength of intent to reach out for the goal of improving your life and happiness.

You can consult with Gatineau and Ottawa Life Coach Coach-e for your overall personal development.