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Life Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life. A life coach's expertise is in the process of helping you discover the answers you probably already have inside yourself.

Life coaching aims to draws out a person's potential rather than puts in aims and knowledge from outside. It develops rather than imposes. It reflects rather than directs.

Effective life coaching or personal coaching is a form of change facilitation - it enables people, rather than trains them. Life coaching is reactive and flexible - it allows for personal transition on an individual basis.

Coaching of this sort makes no assumptions - it's not judgmental, nor is it prescriptive or instructional. Empathy is central to the coaching process.

Life coaching can be this adaptable because it is not concerned with delivery and specilaised training - it focuses on enablement and reflection, so that the individual decides and discovers their required progression themselves.

You can consult with these Gatineau and Ottawa Coach to make decisions that will improve your life:


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